Rates & Offerings

Host a Baguette Baking party!

Your party will include the full baguette baking experience from beginning to end.

We offer the following options to optimize your party experience.

Choice of location

Robert’s house in Amherst, MA

-convenient Echo Hill location 

-beautiful homey kitchen

-ample parking

Lisa’s house in Belchertown, MA

-scenic wooded setting right over the Amherst line off of Route 9

-ample parking

-cozy country kitchen

Your home

-all the comforts of home, we bring the party to you!

As a host you invite your friends, provide drinks and snacks and show up ready to learn!

We provide ingredients, clean up, bread baking expertise and follow-up (includes access to video tutorials after lessons as well as text coaching)

Book your party today!


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