Baguette Uses

In the wonderful tradition of baguettes in France purchased still warm from the boulangerie and half eaten by the time you arrive at home… beyond nibbling, baguettes enhance your life at all mealtimes and even in between.


  • warmed slices (diagonals) or slabs (lengthwise) are perfect with butter and jams and coffee, for dipping in cafe au lait or hot chocolates or just warming your hands on a cold morning.


  • accompaniments to soups, covered with spreads, boats for open sandwiches topped with veggies and broiled cheese


  • add the basic feeling of ‘abundance’ to any dinner, not only from visual and  aromatic delights but from functional value sopping up sauces, carrying spreads, patés, dressings, salads and cheeses.


  • Any time of course


  • in bread puddings, stuffings, french toast (let thick slices soak overnight) and, of course, bread crumbs, croutons, doorstops and feeding the birds.

Canapés or Crostini

  • sliced, toasted or not, as thin bases for hors d’oeuvres.
  • slice and smear with a tomato sliced in half, then drizzle with best quality olive oil and a sprinkle of salt for the original pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomato) from Catalonia.

Before serving your baguettes make sure to reheat at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or so until solidly crisp to the touch then break apart!

Delectable stuffed with any kind of chocolate fresh from the oven.

Enjoy the croustillant crunchy sounds that will wake up your brain and senses!


… any other uses come to you, leave a comment below:



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