My love affair with baguettes began in Paris in the 50s. From that point on, baguette baking got to be a weekly ritual continued all these years. I perfected the recipe so that it produces a pretty great accompaniment to your every meal. In fact, the baguette contributes to transforming the ordinary meal and day into a veritable feast.

Unsatisfied with commercially available pans, I designed pans myself to easily bake these babies in, and do so ad libitum! Designed to accommodate three loaves, I use two pans the width of a typical oven to produce six at a time. Enough to allow eating a couple as they come out of the oven and freezing the rest to last all week or longer. Hence the name BAGUETTES UNLIMITED for this business that I’ve shaped and launched!

I’ve long wanted to share this delight, especially through my career as an ’empowerment programmer’ (another baker feels the same way) and at long last, here is my way of teaching the world to bake baguettes! I’m offering a kit comprising the pans, the recipe, basic tools, and pointers on using baguettes in various ways.

Any baguette lovers out there – please comment below to share your interest.


Your Baguette Wizard
Le Magicien des Baguettes

Roman Criss, baguette enthusiast

Roman Criss, baguette enthusiast

Check here for the uses to which I’ve put baguettes over the years … yum

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, what a great venture and site! Great job Robert. You and all your “baguette helpers” deserve a kudo.

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