Baguettes abornin'

The joy of baking a baguette for all ages- in English or French!

Let me host your next party – all last an hour and a half and participants will learn hands-on how to bake a baguette and will go home with their own mini baguette – your choice of time of day or evening – pricing can include special baguette baking pans or not

Birthdays: All ages
– Kids: parents must accompany – bring your own cake, I’ll take care of the rest. A fun time guaranteed for all. Limit six children.

– Adults: Turn the event into a feast – in addition to a cake, bring along baguette accompaniments for a delectable feast!

Retirements: Give a gift of learning a new skill to launch into this exciting life change

Gals night out: Get away from it all and get your hands into dough!

Special offering to a buddy: A treat that you’ll share with a special friend and enjoy together for many feasts to come as you enjoy baguettes unlimited


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